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About Us


The Beginning of a Dream

   Resurrected Garage was a dream that became a reality for Daniel Anderson, owner, of the small mechanic shop located on the outskirts of Maysville, GA. His dream all started at a young age of 3 years old where he grew up with his grandfather giving him carburetors out of the scrap pile and telling Daniel to take it apart, figure out how it worked and put it back together again. His passion was also fueled due to the fact that most of the men in his family had a knack for turning wrenches at the family shop. 

     Throughout the years Daniel honed his skills learning at the families business and when he was old enough took automotive and agriculture classes in high school that helped to develop his skills further. After graduating high school, he continued to purse his career at North GA Technical College where he earned his degree and many certifications. His work in college did not go unnoticed; he graduated at the top of his class and earned numerous awards all while working at the family shop full time.

     Shortly thereafter, Daniel poured his passion and every penny he had into purchasing a shop that he could call his own. He decided to name his business "Resurrected Garage"; a reference to not only resurrecting old cars and bringing them back to life but a reference to John 11:25-26 as well. In the few short years Daniel has been at his current location, his business and passion has taken off. 

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