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Policies, Requirements, and Disclaimers


Work Locations

  • Work Area Limitations and Right of Refusal- We reserve the right to restrict, limit, or refuse to perform work in areas we feel may excessively limit mobility, create unacceptable risks, or cause safety concerns.

  • Extreme Environmental Conditions- Due to the fact that some of our work is conducted outdoors and exposed and unsheltered in the elements, we may request rescheduling on days with difficult or extreme conditions, such as heat indices over 100 degrees F, wind chills below 20 degrees F, strong wind, rain, etc.

  • Bio Hazardous Vehicles- We reserve the right to refuse to touch the interior of any vehicle that contains excessive amounts of trash, bad odors, insect/rodent infestations, etc. Please make sure your vehicle is reasonably clean before it’s dropped off.


Charges and Fees

  • Labor Rate- Our posted labor rate is $100/hour whether flat rate or actual time. A half hour minimum is required at $50. We use industry standard labor guides as guidelines for estimating flat rate labor. Itemized estimates may be requested but please note the labor may vary depending on how many actual hours are spent on the job itself.

  • Minimum Diagnostics charge- We charge a minimum of $10 for diagnostic and checkouts, and the creation of any estimate is included.

  • Waste Disposal- We charge a flat rate of $3.50 waste disposal charge per invoice to cover waste cleanup and disposal costs if drain or replace any fluids from your vehicle.

  • Shop Supplies- We charge for any applicable shop supplies that were used when working on your vehicle.

  • If a vehicle is left over seven (7) days without contact, we will charge storage fees at $10/day until the vehicle is picked up. If the vehicle is left over thirty (30) days we reserve the right to list the vehicle as abandoned and dispose of it off of our property.



  • What to do if There’s a Problem- If you experience an issue directly related to work that’s recently performed, contact us immediately to arrange for diagnostics to check for and verify a warranty failure. *Please note, customer supplied parts will not have a warranty covered by our parts supplier or us. The customer assumes all risks and responsibilities if we install parts brought in.

  • Parts and Workmanship- We do not warranty customer-supplied parts or used parts. Parts supplied by us that are purchased directly from our parts supplier (the part store) are warrantied directly from the parts manufacturers themselves. We are sorry but if a customer requests that we purchase a part from a third-party supplier (ex. eBay or Amazon) or through the junkyard because the part is unobtainable through our direct supplier we are not able to offer a warranty.

  • Warranty Limitations- If a vehicle is used for racing or abused in a manner inconsistent with its design and intended purpose, the warranty on the work is immediately rendered null and void. In addition, if the customer wants the damage fixed, they are responsible for paying the repair the vehicle if they so wish. For example, we cannot warranty a suspension part we installed that you broke by going off-road in a vehicle that is not suited for such use.

  • Customer Supplied Parts- There is no warranty for customer supplied parts, used junkyard parts, or parts purchased through us on Amazon or eBay; as we cannot guarantee any parts purchased will actually repair the vehicle. Also, if an incorrect part is purchased or a junkyard part is purchased and we have to remove and re-install the correct part we have to charge additional labor for our time. *Discretion is left up to the shop owner as to whether or not he will install parts supplied by the customer.

  • Working on Your Vehicle While We do- If you or another mechanic perform any repair or maintenance work on a vehicle we are working on (which is defined as “from the moment we start until we finish, regardless of timeline”), any warranties are null and void, regardless of what you’ve did and whether it impacts our work in any way. We cannot and will not provide any support for vehicles that are being worked on by someone else while we are doing likewise.



  • Estimate Lifespans- Due to the fact that part prices change over time, estimates are valid for thirty (30) days.

  • Aftermarket Surprises- Estimates are based on stock vehicle configurations; aftermarket modifications and additions may incur additional labor charges as appropriate. We reserve the right to cancel/abort any repair job that involves additional labor for aftermarket modifications if you refuse to pay for additional labor.


Completion timeframes

  • Best Efforts at Expediency- We always strive to complete jobs as quickly as practical which is determined by many factors such as; the amount of time the job takes according to labor guides, amount of rust, unexpected parts issues (receiving the wrong part and having to reorder the correct one), and any other unexpected surprises that have to be dealt with during the process. Please remember we are not a quick lube shop and only have two employees working with us and are trying to do the best we can.

  • Delays Beyond our Control- We cannot nor will we assume any responsibility for delays that are beyond our control, such as but not limited to shipping delays, receiving incorrect parts, or pausing work because of non-payments.

  • Realistic Expectations- Things can and do go wrong and as a result, we ask of our customers to have a degree of flexibility and realistic expectations with regard to timeframes. We don’t give estimations of when the work will be finished because as much as we try to plan it out, things don’t also go the way we plan for it too. Expecting a job to not take any longer when a bolt breaks or is stuck for example, is not realistic on the behalf of the customer.

  • No Exclusivity- We cannot and are not able to give any one work order any form of exclusivity nor will we ignore other customers jobs or calls while attending to one vehicle. Other work orders may be scheduled and work performed while a larger job is in progress bad this will push completion back accordingly on the larger job. The order of jobs completed is also dictated by the lift that is available at the time.

  • Timeframe Guarantees for Large Jobs- Due to the nature of auto repair, we will not guarantee any work order with more than two (2) hours of total labor will be completed within any specific time frame. Log jobs can and will likely be interrupted by shorter jobs as they become available so please plan accordingly. We may recommend breaking up large jobs to avoid excessive time demands, especially on a customer’s primary vehicle.



  • Accurate Diagnostics- We do not guarantee the accuracy of anyone else’s diagnostics but our own. Please do not get mad if we verify any applicable problems that may or may not have been changed or diagnosed previously. Until we verify with our own eyes we cannot be sure of what the problem may be. Due to the complexity of a vehicle, we cannot guarantee that one single diagnosis will cure every problem that a vehicle may have in a single repair operation. We must first fix what we see that is wrong and then go from there.

  • Multiple Problems and Issues- It is common for a vehicle to have more than one issue with similar or overlapping symptoms. Finding and fixing one issue may reveal another. Likewise, repairing one issue does not magically repair all the issues at hand. As noted, we cannot guarantee that one single diagnosis will cure every problem a vehicle has in one visit.



  • Parts Quality- We only use OEM quality parts (unless otherwise notified) directly from the manufacturers. If you are looking to save money on auto repairs, going with the cheapest parts will not always save you money in the long run. When parts are available in “DIY” and commercial quality grades, we also go with commercial.

  • Specialty fluids- When a vehicle calls for specialty fluids, we will only use fluids that are compatible with your vehicle. If your vehicle requires $20/quart transmission fluid for example, then that is what we will use.

  • Plastic Parts- We assume no responsibility for plastic part breakage, as many plastic parts used in vehicles are brittle and can break without warning no matter how carefully they are removed.

  • Contacting our Suppliers- We do not release supplier contact information to customers, as this always causes problems; invariably the customer will reach a representative that gives them incorrect information and this causes issues that didn’t need to be caused.  We maintain a working relationship with our parts suppliers and we do not wish for it to be compromised. We reserve the right to terminate all business relations with any customers that runs around and contacts our suppliers.

  • Customer Supplied Parts and Safety- We reserve the right to refuse to install any part that we feel would compromise the safety and safe operation of a vehicle.

  • Broken Bolts- We are not responsible for any bolt that breaks under any circumstances, even if the bolt in question broke by our hand. The reasons for this are 1) We have no way of knowing if a previous repair effort damaged the bolt or threads into which it screws 2) We have no way of knowing if a bolt was damaged due to the environment 3) Some bolts are torqued to yield and are a one time use 4) Sometimes a bolt will just fail no matter how carefully and gently you work with it. If a bolt breaks, we must charge additional labor (and parts needed) to extract the remaining bolt fragment and repair the damage.



  • Payment Arrangements- Payment in full is required upon completion of services.

  • Parts Prepayment- We require all parts to be prepaid on invoices with a pre-tax total of $200 or more.

  • Special Order/High Cost Prepayment- We require special order or large ticket parts to be prepaid BEFORE we will order them. Ordering of parts may be delayed until prepayment clears our bank if prepayments are made via credit card.

  • Returned Parts- Returned parts may be subject to restocking fees; if the supplier charges us, we must charge you.


Unacceptable Acts or Behaviors

(Side note- It is sad we even have to include this section, but some people ruin it for everyone. This is why we can’t have nice things and had to include this section)

  • Threats to Our Associates- We have a zero tolerance policy regarding threats against our employees. Any threat of any type or nature directed against one of our employees (or direct family/friend) will cause an immediate stop of the work in progress, as well as, we will no longer work for that customer again and will add them to our blacklist. We will not return to complete any job that we abandon in progress due to threats and reserve the right to demand payment for the portion of the job completed and you will have to figure out how to remove the vehicle from our property.



Legal (the Fine Print)

  • Permission to Operate Vehicle- By allowing us to perform repair work on your vehicle, you are also granting us permission to use the vehicle on public roadways for diagnostic, testing, and verification purposes.

  • Releasing Vehicles- We cannot release a vehicle to any other person or party unless the owner of the vehicle specifically granted us permission to do so.

  • Abandoned Vehicles- If a vehicle is left over seven (7) days without contact, we will charge storage fees at $10/day until the vehicle is picked up. If the vehicle is left over thirty (30) days we reserve the right to list the vehicle as abandoned and dispose of it off of our property.

  • Things We Cannot Control- We are not responsible for things beyond our control, which includes but is not limited to:

-Acts of God, Acts of Nature, etc

-Incorrect/Inaccurate information from parts suppliers

-Mistakes on the part of the supplier

-Shipping delays

  • Right of Refusal- We reserve the right to refuse to perform any repairs we would consider inappropriate or unsuited to the problem at hand or that would in our opinion render the vehicle unsafe to drive and operate.

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