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Our Team

Resurrected Garage


Daniel Anderson


After graduating from Banks County High in 2011, Daniel continued his education at North GA Technical College and graduated at the top of his automotive class all while working full time at Garrett Truck and Auto. Only a few short years after college and at the mere age of 21, he decided to open up his own shop and named it Resurrected Garage. The road to owning and maintaining his own business has not been easy for Daniel, there have been tribulations but everyday he knows he has accomplished a feat that so many doubted him for all of his life. Daniel's specializes in rebuilding motors/transmissions, carburetors, and anything mechanical.


Brittany Anderson

Jack of All Trades- Master of None

Brittany's story is intertwined with Daniel's; they met at the 8th grade formal and dated throughout high school then split apart. Seven years later, they got back together after Brittany needed some work done on her car and they ended up picking up right where they left off all those years ago. During their time apart, Brittany graduated from the University of North GA with a degree in Physical Education and a minor in Biology (or "recess and frogs" as Daniel says). Her role at Resurrected Garage is to make sure things run smoothly, fill in the gaps where Daniel left off, and cover the marketing and social media platforms.


Caleb Pritchett

Lead Mechanic

Caleb graduated from Habersham Central High School and furthered his education at North GA Technical College. He was enrolled in the Auto Tech Program and after graduating immediately got hired at the Audi/VW dealer in Atlanta where he worked for over 10+ years. We persuaded him to come work for RG as our "import" specialist but he has since became our lead mechanic that boasts an impressive skillset with everything from imports to classics.


Marcus Lyles


Marcus went to East Jackson High and immediately after went to work on a multi-million dollar cattle farm. Marcus never knows what kind of work he will get into each day but is excellent at getting the job done. Marcus met Daniel through a mutual friend after needing some help on a farm vehicle. They become quick friends after that and when one of them gets stumped on a problem with a vehicle they call on the other one to help them out. Their Bi-Annual tradition is going to Rod Run in Pigeon Forge together; and it wouldn't be the same without Marcus.


Jacob Pearson


"Pearson" as everyone calls him, also graduated with Daniel and Brittany in the class of 2011 at Banks County High. Pearson and Daniel hauled scrap almost every day after high school to make quick cash, once they had saved up enough money they started buying and selling cars together to help pay for their living expenses. After high school, Pearson joined the United States Air Force and is currently stationed in Minot, ND working on B-52 Bomber planes. He comes home 1-2 times a year and jumps right back in at the shop with Daniel. We look forward to the day that he will return.

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